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本文摘要:The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said, but the heart already knows its over.最痛苦的那种再见是从未说出口,但心里却清楚,一切都已竣事。语言点分析:1.. goodbye居然也有复数。


The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said, but the heart already knows it's over.最痛苦的那种再见是从未说出口,但心里却清楚,一切都已竣事。语言点分析:1.. goodbye居然也有复数。

再见,再会,作别He said his goodbyes knowing that a long time would pass before he would see his child again...他道了别,知道要过良久才气再见到他的孩子。Perry and I exchanged goodbyes. 我和佩里互道再见。They yelled their goodbyes as the bus left.汽车开动时他们大呼着再见。

2.say goodbye to sb/sth与……人作别;与……事离别(不会再有……事),失去He wanted to say goodbye to you 他想跟你说声再见。She said goodbye to Hilda with a convincing show of affection 她和希尔达作别时流露出了显着的爱意。


She said goodbye and thanked us for coming. 她向我们作别,并谢谢我们的惠临。They said goodbye in a flood of tears. 他们痛哭流涕隧道别。They said goodbye to him as he got aboard the train at Union Station. 当他在团结火车站登上火车之际,他们向他作别。

She didn't even say goodbye to her mother .她甚至没有向母亲道个体。We waved them goodbye .我们向他们挥手离别。


He left without saying goodbye...他不辞而别。You have to say goodbye to Susan.你得跟苏珊作别。We've already said our goodbyes.我们已经作别了。I packed and said goodbye to Charlie. 我收拾好工具离别了查利。

Take out our service contract and say goodbye to costly repair bills. 接受我们的服务条约,离别昂贵的修理费吧。She has probably said goodbye to his last chance of Olympic gold 她可能已经失去了夺取奥运会金牌的最后时机。3.kiss goodbye to sth 任其失去;放弃某事物;认可对某事无能为力;Well, you can kiss goodbye to your chances of promotion.嗳,你就甭想提升了。

kiss sth goodbye任其失去;放弃某事物;认可对…无能为力I felt sure I'd have to kiss my dancing career goodbye.我明确感受到我将不得不与我的舞蹈生涯说再见了。何等扣人心弦的一种表达方式啊!4.kiss sb goodbye 与……吻别Kiss me goodbye !和我吻别吧!Her parents kissed her goodbye as she set off from their home 她动身脱离怙恃家时怙恃和她吻别。Both men rose to their feet and kissed her goodnight. 两人都站起来与她吻别道晚安。

Go and kiss your mother goodnight.去亲亲你母亲祝她晚安。最后送给大家一个:飞吻Maria blew him a kiss.玛丽亚给了他一个飞吻。I was sent to Africa to work for a year, before I left for the airport, I blew my wife and daughter a kiss.我被派到非洲事情了一年,在我去机场之前,我给我的妻子和女儿一个飞吻。



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